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1 - Create a post for Twitter and another for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ using your URL

2 - Select the most relevant category that relates to the topic of your submission

3 - Manage and keep track of all your promotions from your Quuu Promote dashboard

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Why Quuu Promote?

With more and more people using ad-blockers, Quuu Promote will promote your content without appearing as an ad or sponsored post. It's shared by real people across real accounts


Quuu shares your content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ simultaneously

Real people!

Content is shared by people with followers interested in your area of expertise. They are influencers in their own right, with an audience that trusts what they share, which drives more powerful interaction with your work.

Increased everything!

Watch your social media activity explode with opportunities to engage your following and drive targeted traffic.

So how much content do we share?

Statistics correct as of 17 February 2017


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Recent testimonials and mentions

"You need to actively promote your content across a variety of channels. That should be supplemented through apps and tools like, Buffer and

Don’t forget the ‘marketing’ in your content marketing.  Make sure you schedule time every day to promote your content.."

Neil Patel - Cofounder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics

"I highly recommend Quuu as a means of considerably expanding the reach of your best pieces of content. Tapping into a network of highly active and highly targeted social media users, Quuu’s paid promotion service allows you to have your most compelling content shared amongst a highly relevant community. I love the ease of use of Quuu and the results that it consistently delivers for a modest spend."

Tony Restell -

"Quuu is my highest leverage promotion strategy. It only takes a few seconds to add a new link, and every time I do I see 50-200 shares that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Combine it with in-article sharing calls to action, and you have your whole social media strategy right there."

Nat Eliason -


You only pay for your time in Quuu, so the amount of shares are unlimited
The pricing below is for 30 days exposure in Quuu for one article.

All content is hand-reviewed to ensure it abides by our content curation guidelines here


Reach 10,000+ people

Across categories such as Agriculture & Agribusiness, Astrophysics, Autism, Basketball, Beer, Board Games, Boating/Yachting and more...

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