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See great numbers and increased engagement, leading to more conversions and better brand awareness

Start Discussions

Start discussions and become a valued part of a community that shares your interests


Grow your social following – based on word of mouth and engagement

Drive traffic to your content and reach more people

If you’re tired of spending time and money creating fantastic content only to watch it go nowhere, we can help. Our powerful team of influencers will spread your content far and wide for you.

We can put your content in front of more of the right people, in a way they’re likely to engage with. It’ll boost your SEO results and increase your traffic, while helping you build a social following that gets people talking.

Why we're different

The people sharing your content are real people who share your interests and are active on all social platforms, they have engaged followers that expect quality content from them.

They know how hard it is to create truly engaging content and so this is where you come in!

Ulyses Osuna

Founder at Influencer Press

Sharing content has never been easier. You send out your best stuff, choose the topic/industry and boom!

You have a network of highly tailored individuals sharing your content to a massive relevant audience.

Paid posts can’t match content shared by real people

The average social media user has become very clever - while 92% of consumers trust ‘earned’ social media (where other people have talked about or shared your content), only 50% trust paid ads.

With paid ads being a fixture of just about every social platform, your audience has just about reached saturation point.

When you use Quuu Promote however, your posts look to consumers just like any other piece of ‘earned’ content, giving you a distinct advantage.


We're all about quality

It works both ways; we only take informative, engaging content that people want to share, and we only select active influencers with genuine social media followings.

Their followers are already interested in what they have to say, and because they then go on to share your content with their own following, your traffic goes up and stays up, much longer than if you paid for an ad.

Aaron Orendorff

Founder iconiContent

Quuu and Quuu Promote are the first tools that made my jaw drop. During the first month, my impressions went up 169.4%, mentions 218%, retweets and likes 167%, and link clicks 467.5%.

It's the human touch that counts

Why leave your carefully crafted content to the mercy of an algorithm, when we can actively match it with the right influencer and platform for maximum results?

We’re masters when it comes to sharing content, and with Quuu Promote you can benefit from our experience to create a targeted campaign that does exactly what you want it to. Then, watch in-depth results in real-time from your personal dashboard.

The result – more mentions, shares, likes and clicks, so you can drive traffic, increase engagement and start discussions about your brand.

Drive traffic to your content in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Create a post for Twitter and another for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ using your content URL

Step 2

Select the most relevant interest category that relates to the topic of your submission

Step 3

Manage and keep track of all your promotions from your Quuu Promote dashboard

Ready to start reaching more people with your content?



All content is hand-reviewed to ensure it adheres to our content curation guidelines here
The amount of shares and clicks you receive is unlimited during your 30-day promotion period

Reach over half a million people

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1 promotion per month



Per month

or $440 / year

Additional promotions $40 each

Plan 5

5 promotions per month

Saving $50


Per month

or $1,650 / year

Additional promotions $30 each

Plan 11

11 promotions per month

Saving $140


Per month

or $3,300 / year

Additional promotions $27 each